Smart chat in Hong Kong

Sunset over Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Sunset over Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. Photo by Mark Pegrum, 2018. May be reused under CC BY 4.0 licence.

Roundtable on Smart Learning
HKBU, Hong Kong
6 December 2018

It was great to have a chance to run a roundtable at HKBU on a short stopover in Hong Kong, as a follow-up to my keynote Smart learning, smart universities, smart cities: Where will mixed reality lead us? originally presented via a video and a Skype Q&A session as part of the Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning Symposium which took place at HKBU on 21 August.

In a group of around 25 participants, we discussed the nature of smart learning and its implications for teachers and students; the need for smart learning to become more systematic (rather than being driven solely by individual champions) in order to build truly smart universities; and the role of smart universities in preparing future citizens who can make use of smart city infrastructure to improve the lives of all city residents. Essentially, we identified two main rationales for employing digital technologies in education: improving learning inside institutions, and preparing students for their future lives in smart cities. We also spent some time discussing the need to help our students develop more critical perspectives on the digital technologies which have surrounded many of them since birth. Participants at the roundtable brought a variety of thoughtful educational and critical perspectives to the discussion, perspectives that are and will continue to be invaluable in supporting their building of smart classes.

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